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Hoarding Michigan offers many services to our clients. We aim to serve anyone who needs to get their life back on track. Cost of services is not as important to us as much of the needs of our clients.

With that said here are some of the services we offer:

Hoarding situations:

Hoarding Michigan is very concerned with hoarding. It is a terrible disease and situation to be in. Hoarding Michigan is here to stand with you and work through your situation. We will come out and do an assessment of the project, talk with you about your goals and set a path to bring you success in your life.

Every situation is different and we are here to help. We have therapists available to help you through your project. If you need one during the project, we will make that happen. We are a one stop place to help you work through project. If you would like a therapist after the project, we will find the right therapist for you.

Straight clean out situations:

This is a service where the client is or is not at the jobsite. Maybe they just want to rid their home of things or it may be a situation where the client has moved to a different location and need their previous home cleaned out to make it ready for sale.

We would like to come out to the site to give you an honest assessment of how much the cost will be. 

Organizing situations:

Hoarding Michigan will come out and help you organize whatever you need help with. We start out with a base price and if more time is needed we will come up with a flat rate to help you finish your project. We will then steer you on the ight path to help you stay organized with various options we have.

Please keep in mind we are here to help you and stay in contact with you. If you do not participate in follow up, it is proven that if people do not participate in any aftercare program the person will go back to their habits 100% of the time.

Please let us help you. You need to control your home, not your home controlling you.

We have a great reputation, checkout our reviews! 


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