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Welcome to Hoarding Michigan

At Hoarding Michigan, we want potential clients to know that 'we get it' on what you have been going through. We are real people with real life experiences like mental illness that can lead to hoarding or other issues and some are recovering from hoarding.

While not everyone's situation is the same, we understand and know how to help people with these issues We are here to help you with decluttering, organizing, or if you need real help from real people who have lived the life that you are struggling with. Please call on us, we are here to help



Compassion. Respect. Integrity.

Thank you for visiting the Hoarding Michigan website. At Hoarding Michigan, these three words are the values on how we conduct our business with our clients.


Hoarding Michigan believes and stands by with the compassion that our clients need. Hoarding is not an easy disease to deal with. And yes, it is a disease. It makes you feel ashamed and not want to let people into your life.


Respect for someone's needs is very important our company. With hoarding and other clean out needs, you may feel that your opinion does not matter and you are not respected by others because they think you can "just snap out of it." Not so. It will be tough and Hoarding Michigan will respect your situation and the confidentiality that it requires.


Integrity and trust in our company is most important. If you cannot trust a company to follow through with the project or feel that they have no integrity, then how can you expect them to do your project correctly?

 At Hoarding Michigan trust and integrity is most important. We will NEVER compromise our integrity. We do not do things half way. We will NEVER take anything from someone's home unless we are told we can. If we were to ever do that then I would not anyone to work for my company. Period.

As featured on highest rated organizing and clean out company in the area.

What do you love about your job?

We love helping our clients get their life back. So many people need help out there and they just need to reach out to us. Helping our clients is more important than the money it costs. We treat our clients with respect and dignity and our company has the integrity to follow through in a professional manner.

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

I have always been in the helps business. I used to be an aftercare funeral counselor and I would follow up with families after the death of a loved one. I also helped people pre-plan funerals either for themselves or loved ones. Compassion is very important to me.

Describe your most memorable project

Every project is different, so they are all very memorable. The one that comes to mind is that a wife wanted to get her home cleaned out so she could better take care of her ill husband. We removed 23 tons of debris from her one story home including the basement and garage. What used to be a health hazard, the lady has a home now that should be featured in Better Home & Gardens. I have been invited to dinner there many times and when my schedule allows I will be there to enjoy a memorable meal with the both of them.
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