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About Us

Donald S. Keith, Owner
When I look back over my life, I have always been in the helps business. From working in the auto parts business for 22 years, working as an aftercare counselor in two funeral homes after someone who has passed away and supporting the family, to now helping people get control of their home and their lives back.

While I do not have the documents to prove that I am a counselor and life coach; I have lived the life that many of you have. I have experienced depression twice and have found a way to come back out of it. I think my faith has a great part in my life to keep me moving forward. I want to help other people find their way out of the difficulties in their life. And that is what

Stephanie Colucci: Project Coordinator, Professional Organizer
I genuinely like to help people. Being compassionate and a good listener are some of my strengths. My goal is to make your house a home again. 

I have been an organizer for many years and my biggest reward is the smiles and joy on peoples' faces when the job is completed. Being organized relieves stress and anxiety so people can concentrate on what is really important, spending time with family and friends.

Scott Sherbrook: Project Coordinator 
Since I graduated college in 2005, I've worked with so many people. From retail to restaurants, and eventually running my own company. I'm a people person. I want every customer, and employee to be completely satisfied with the work the team and I execute. Life can be so overwhelming at times. We are there to lend the hand you will need to live a more comfortable life style.

Tammy Borysiak: Professional Organizer, Life Coach
I have been through many joys, trials, blessings and tribulations in my life.  Through this journey, I have been humbled.  I have learned that at times it is absolutely alright to ask for help.  I have been blessed with amazing people that God has brought in my life through this journey I am on. 

They cared about me unconditionally without judgment and always with my best interest at heart.  They have given me assistance, moral support and guidance in areas of my life that I could have not done on my own.  It has made me a stronger person.  I have been given the gift of compassion and kindness and love for others.  It brings me great joy to be that support for someone else.  I truly believe with faith, trust and the support of a team that cares, it makes that first step in your new journey that much easier.

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